The maid with skills (ability) by the Author of Surgeon Elise and the lady wants to rest

 능력 있는 시녀님 - 유인


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The novel is written by the author of Queen with a scalpel and the lady wants to rest .

If you read my previous post about the author it would come as no surprise this maid has some OP skills . If you like the Surgeon Elise you will definitely like  this novel . The MC has the personality of Elise and the reincarnating princess Ruby's OP skills .
The MC name is Mary and she not from earth nor is she a recainator .
She is a bastard princess who was brought in to the palace after her mother passed away.
There nothing special about her and she very clumsy so she tries her best to stay out of trouble .
Unfortunately she is sincerely a kind person but is also a bit of a loser  so she a thorn in the side of the royal family. However she has one skill that being cheerful and kind.
She may not be wanted by her dad but she tries to live brightly and keep her promise to her mother .

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For she remembered her promise to her mother

However in just two pages later her family is conquered by the neighboring country. 😓
the good news is her face is not well known so she can stay in the castle as a maid 
the bad news is she a terrible maid. The kind you can't trust to clean by herself....

She is literally Cinderella from this novel

Like I said she get OP skills pretty fast!
How ?  For she remembered her promise to her mother!

"If you do your very best while being kind God will bless you."

"I don't know what you will grow up to be but I hope you will grow up to be someone who can help

One day she got stuck with the duty of taking care of a dying criminal no one wants to do but Mary 
is genuine in her efforts to take care of him .As he laid dying he reveals he a servant of god and ask her what is her wish. He will pray it come true .She says to become a person with ability (skill) . She is such a loser that she wants to be good at doing things.She wants a life where she matters ,a meaningful life .She then adds she want skills to help everyone. Obviously her wish comes true.
She becomes a master at shooting,card games,dancing,detective skills,cooking,cleaning,music,magic and medical....etc
Whenever she dreams she learns a skill and there always someone who needs that particular skill.
She get famous and then gets in danger of being outed as the last previous royal bloodline ...
She afraid the emperor who known as a blood crazy tyrant will kill her if he ever find her.
Meanwhile the emperor is frustrated with his nobles who used his names to abuse those lower them to gain his favor. He is actually a reasonable ruler who wants the best for his people.He looking for the last bastard princess to united their bloodlines as he heard how kind she was unlike her family who were tyrants. Unfortunately he cant find her at all but he does notice something odd at his palace .Some one is mysteriously helping people from the shadows! He tries to find out who is behind this "angel " incident and meets Mary.
(So to no one surprise) the  emperor has a tragic childhood and suffers from insomnia  but he feels 
better when she around .She ends up as his personal maid brewing Elise level tea and playing the piano like the OP princess.

If you like Surgeon Elise you will like this novel. 

Surgeon Elise vol 1 ch 11


  1. This novel sounds amazing. Are you going to translate it? I would like to read it

    1. Only if the demand for this novel is higher then the demand for the reason why she went to the duke

    2. Well I know the other one is really good but it already has a webtoon so I think so many people will read the novel at first but I don't think they will continue to read it because generally webtoon translation are faster and easier and like that most of the people just continue with webtoon. On the other hand this novel doesn't have a webtoon and because of this, people won't stop to read it because there's no other way to learn the story.

      But I know it's a risk to take this one because no one knows how readers will react at all

  2. It's sounds good, but to compete with "The reason why she went to the duke" I find it difficult, the other one has the webtoon fandom. By the way I want to ask you, have you read "survive as the hero's wife" ? (양판소 주인공의 아내로 살아남기), it's good?, I find it interesting that the protagonist is married to the ML since childhood and must grow together in that kind of relationship during the story.

    1. Yes
      To be honest I found it easier(more fun) to read then the other novels .The other novels had better plot but this novel was so light heartened because everyone was so funny in that story .I posted a bunch of spoilers on novel update already.

    2. OH! ok, thanks for your reply, I'm going right away to Novel updates! THANKS!

    3. I joined several discord of translation group, I found mostly they are translating the same webtoons. dr.Elise, The reason why she went to the duke, I am a child of this house, and oneway I became a princess. Although the release for the novel aren't fixed, but the release for the webtoons are quite fast. In my opinion you should translate other novel tho, but its up to you XD
      I would like to read "Survive As The Hero's Wife" XD’s-wife.80800/
      we keep commenting in this forum so that it will stay on top and someone hopefully will pick up. We are so desperate tho T-T

  3. Hello, I'm sorry to bother you again, I want to ask, do you know a reliable place where I can buy a korean novel?, I want to purchase "Miss not-so sidekick" raws (I'm going to MTL it for me), but I'm not sure where to do it, nor how many volumes the novel has , thank you for your time!, I sorry to bother you.

  4. i really want to read this novel :'), where else can i find it?


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