Prince, raise me chirp

                                    Prince, raise me chirp

        황제여, 날 키워 삐약

This is another novel I can't do because of a strange reason.
The website won't let me read it without proving I'm over 15 years old .
I am a fully grown adult but the process to prove my birthday is difficult
I honestly can't believe this is more mature then the Emperor's only daughter.
Look at that cover, it has fluff written all over it .
Then when I decide to attempt the process the novel was taken down!
So I will have to purchase this ......
but I already brought a ton of books already so perhaps next time....
You can buy it here if you like. I buy most of my other novels here too .

I will do a review on it as I did read some parts online on a pirated site.
No,I can't find it anymore.Don't ask .
Korea is coming  down hard on novels .It not the 90s anymore.

The MC is a orphan raised by her grandmother and longing for a family she marries her six month unemployed boyfriend.
From here it the typical 90s Korean drama with the old fashioned mother in law.
Husband is the sky and woman is the earth .

The MC was thrown off the cliff by her cheating slag husband.
When she woke up all she cay say is "Chirp."
She became a baby chick...the size of a elephant .
She turns out to in another world and her new body seems to be be the bird of the prophecy .
The Empress Dowager send people to grab her but our MC tries to get away on a boat thinking it was headed to the island of the birds. It was not.
The people end up calling her a monster and tries to kill her but our ML ends up rescuing her in the nick of time.

The  heroine

The hero of the hour  turns out to be the emperor and he tells her lets go together  the island to look for more birds as he doesn't think of her as a dangerous monster .
He thinks she harmless enough .He thinks she some pig bird hybrid as her size requires a lot of food.
Unfortunately  the island has no birds and the MC despairs as she still alone in this life too.

No bird friends for our MC 

The Emperor decides to take the "pig bird" into the palace and raise it as his pet .
He often tease her and bullies her as he doesn't know how to show affection because he lost his mother in the past .He resented his father and when the father remarry he got a new mother .
The new empress was good to him but kill anyone who was kind to him so he had to suppress his emotions at a early age. He may be the emperor but the true power behind the throne is the empress Dowager .
The MC can only say chirp but like the MC in the Daughter of the Emperor she has a lot to say in her mind. She thinks the ML is a jerk and hates her nickname he gave her.
She quite hilarious . She the type that acts cute when in trouble so will often suddenly start talking in a cutey way even after cursing him out a minute ago.

Related image

I  recommend this novel!
If I get more requests for this novel I will pick it up.

Daughter of the Emperor vol 1 ch 12


  1. Omo it sounds cute. Would be interested to read if you do translate it

  2. It sounds good! Even if I have to wait at least a year, I will read it if it is ever translated. :')

  3. This look really lovely!♡
    I hope you'll do a teaser!

  4. Please translate this ⚘ if possible

  5. I really hope you pick this up :) If possible please translate it T.T


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